Most of them have the habit of reading stories but can’t spend more time for it whereas few will be boring may feel sleepy while reading stories and now there is a new and an interesting ideology were introduced to read the stories for sure you won’t be feel bored as you can enjoy the stories in the form of games. Choices: Stories You Play is a game developed by Pixelberry which is completely different from other games and the levels in this game is not like other games as the level in this game is a chapter which is an part of a story. This game is combinations of stories of different genres were you can choose the one you like and it is designed with amazing graphics and sound effects.

·         You can enjoy playing this game in your devices as it supports the advanced versions of Android and iOS.

·         Data connection is must to download and play this game as it is an online game.

·         To enjoy playing this game you need to link this game with your social account such as mail or facebook.

·         By linking with facebook account your progress will be saved so no need to worry if your changing device as you can enjoy playing from where you left.

·         You can make new friends through playing this game.

·         It is also a multiplayer game were you can connect with your facebook friends or others players and play the game together.

In the game Choices: Stories You Play you can find the genres such as romance, horror, mystery, adventure and many more which makes you to feel the experience of playing all games at one place and unlike other games you can’t replay the level instantly as you need to start the story from beginning if you would like to play the chapter again. The important thing in this game was keys and diamonds which are the currencies of this game whereas the keys were used to unlock the new chapters. There are some updates will be released periodically from the developer side by adding new stories and features in order to not miss out that keep the app updated. This game holds a place in top 25 and acquired almost 4.6 customer ratings out of 5 also it crossed millions of downloads in few days.

Have a joy of playing with unlimited keys and diamonds

You can enjoy playing the stories by unlocking the chapters by using keys and can buy the best outfits using diamonds also it is used to unlock the premium stories. By default the keys and diamonds will be provided in less count whereas you can gain the keys by completing missions and the diamonds can be gained by completing the stories as a key is required to open the chapter and if you have less than two keys a timer will start then you will get a key after waiting for 3 hours or else you can purchase the keys and diamonds with original cash as the app allows in-app purchase.

Hereafter you no need to wait for the keys and diamonds because now there is an exclusive app for android and iOS which is known as Choices Hack as it is a tool to generate unlimited keys and diamonds. By using this tool you can generate almost 50 to 999 keys and almost 9,999 diamonds within five minutes. Make use of the keys and diamonds usefully in the game don’t waste it unnecessarily as they are more expensive to buy.