Benefits of Currencies in Episode Choose Your Story

The Episode Choose Your Story is the most leading game now days. It is based on different types of stories. It features interactive Hollywood caliber based stories. In it you have to read the stories of your own choices and you also write and publish your own made story to various Episode’s platforms. The game provides you a wide variety of stories like love, romance, drama and adventure etc. There are 3 billion episodes watched on this game so far. Every week there are some new stories which are newly added. This game is very good to play in your leisure time.

Types of currencies and their importance:

Types of Currencies

  • Gems – These refers to the most important currency in the game as it plays very crucial role so if you want get more by trying Episode Choose Your Story Hack. The gems are difficult to earn instead of passes. You should know about how to earn the gems. The gems are used to buy clothes and so many other items also. For unlock new and mysterious stories you need more and more gems. You should use the gems wisely as these are helpful in progress the game. You should never spend the gems which is the main currency in the game on unusual things.
  • Passes – These are the primary currency of the game which is used for different purposes. With the help of this primary currency you can buy various other episodes of stories to play and watch. Some episodes are free to play and some needs the game in- currency. To unlock different episodes and stories passes are very essential. You can earn the passes by logging in the game on a regular basis and by many other ways also. You can earn the passes also by participating in various types of events.

sThe both the currency we are talking about is very important as you should not ignore any one of them. If you have enough amounts of both passes and gems than it is easy for you to play the game.

Importance of Currencies

As we know very well that the players with shortage of gems and passes will face many problems while playing the game. You should always take care while you spent ding the in-game currency. Doing this helps the players to achieve a better stand in the game. The only things that provide you the best and realistic experience of the game are Gems and Passes.