Darkness Rises is one of the best developments of Nexon, a popular game development studio. In this game, there are plenty of quests and tasks present that you can complete in order to win rewards. You can earn gold, gems, equipment or other kinds of resources by completing the different quests. By completing all these tasks, you can easily move forward in the game or boost your performance.  There are mainly four types of quests present in the game that you should check out first. These quests are really beneficial for getting awesome rewards and in-game resources.

Here is a list of the various quests present in the game that you can complete-

Main quests – There are many players who are taking part to complete the main quests. With the help of these quests, you can receive the gems, various chests, and some portrait decorations. These quests can help them to make progress in the main story of the game. You should also try to complete these quests to grab awesome rewards in the game.

Weekly quests – When it comes to the weekly quests then these can give you total 15 missions per day.  It is important for the players to complete these missions on time. Try to complete all the missions on time to get the best rewards quickly.  You also have an option to check out the weekly progress on the bottom of the screen. You can also complete more missions in a day by refreshing the list of the tasks.

Achievements – In this game, there are various kinds of achievements present which you can complete. There are many types of achievements present in the game which you need to accomplish on time. You should try to collect the achievements rewards quickly after getting the notifications on your screen.

In addition to all these quests, there are many other types of missions of tasks present in the game that you can complete. Well, all of these tasks are not easy to complete. You should try to complete them as soon as possible to receive the best rewards.

Effective tips, tricks, and hints 

In order to be the best gamer in Darkness Rises, players should follow some effective tips and tricks. They can take help from the various hints provided by the experts on the internet. Well, some of the beneficial tips that every player should follow are underlined.

  • Beginners should always consider the tutorial mode to complete first so they can easily understand the gameplay. They should try to focus on completing tutorial because it can help them to learn all about the game.
  • Players should always try to earn more and more resources rather than only enjoying the game. It is really important for the beginners to acquire enough resources that they can use for various purposes.
  • Most of the players are spending their currencies without thinking anything. Well, it is not good, they should try to spend the currencies wisely and also after keeping some important things into consideration.
  • They can claim the login rewards only by opening the app for a few minutes. It is important for them to collect the rewards on a daily basis to load their game account. With Darkness Rises Cheats, they can move forward in the game with ease.

After keeping all of these tips and tricks into consideration, players can easily make progress in the game. They should always follow the tips in a proper manner to get the higher-ranking quickly. It can also help them to make the game experience interesting.