One of the easiest ways in which you can be able to earn a good amount of coins as you play the Pixel Gun 3d game is by tapping on the icon that shows free coins. However, you can only be able to earn these coins if you post all your scores through the different social media pages. You should also keep in mind that it may be impossible for you to get ahold of a better and easy method of getting the right amount of coins other than making use of the Pixel Gun 3d hack tool.

So, how can you be able to earn stars?

For you to be able to earn Pixel Gun 3d stars, then you need to make sure that you are able to complete all the three goals that are on each of the levels in the game. When you kill all the monsters, then you can yourself one star. You can be able to earn yourself the second star by killing all the monsters quickly. When it comes to the third star, you can be able to earn this by killing the zombies that are at that level without making any kind of damage.
When it comes to stars, the level of difficulty does not really affect it. Therefore, what this means is that you do not have to play in the difficulty levels for you to be able to earn a star. It would be easy for you if you just picked an easy stage so that you can be able to earn the stars more quickly. Another way in which you can be able to easily purchase the third star is by purchasing a shield before you are even able to complete the level that you are in.