How to Become Better With Hustle Castle in 10 Minutes

Hustle castle is a role-playing simulation game and you can play this game on your mobile phone. This game is available on Android and iOS both platforms. All you need to do in this game is to play the role of a king with your own kingdoms. In order to succeed in your game, you have to keep your people happy and make great troops. Troops, fights, happy people and much more are the only aspects of this game.

This can be hard when it comes to master this game so we’ve come up with few tips and tricks to get you started. Here mentioned below are these tips and keep in mind to go through each and every point of this guide. Let us get started-

1. Finishing the Side Quests 

Side quests are really awesome in every game and it is awesome in this game too. These are really a great help and one can earn extra gems by completing objectives. When you’re on the go with the game and you’ve completed many levels. Then the completed levels will be taken over by ghosts and monster. Going back those levels and winning them can give you a nice reward. You can get an even better award if you manage to put a stop to the invasion within the timer.

2. Check your resident happiness

The happiness of your kingdom’s people is much more important as if they are happy enough then it may get you a reward and if they are too sad then it can harm your ratings and raids. Don’t worry it is the simplest thing to make your resident happy. You only have to click on the bubble shown on the head of people. Whenever this kind of messages pops up just click them to make your residents happy.

3. Optimize your funds

Your funds have to be optimized and you should be having upgraded treasuries. Your treasuries allow you to earn a lot so it is important to max them out. Just simply tap on your one of the villager and check under the classes. You should try to equip high-quality treasure to this class so your in-game income depends a lot on it.

4. Brawl for Money

As told before this game works just like our real life so you have to fight for money as most people do in real life. This is the bitter truth but what can we say, as it is true. Coming to the point, the best way to earn your desired money is to raid other people villages and it will surely give you a lot of money. Well, this is reliable and applies to you too so try making a good defense to protect your raided money and it will do great help in a long run.

5. Buy a Premium Pass

Buying a pass can be costly and uses much of your money. Yeah, real money is used in order to buy a premium pass. You can choose over from a lot of different plans. This will let you earn 20% extra bonus and Hustle Castle Hack can help you a lot to earn free and extra gems and money.


Bottom Line

So here’s the final verdict and you can easily play this game if you’re a beginner. If you’re going through such hassles then these tips and tricks are for you all the people who are facing such problems. I hope this guide work out successfully for you all. Stay tuned for more such stuff and much more games in social media.