Each game has some types of currencies like gold, diamonds, coins, and cash. By completing some of the tasks you can earn those. Currency increases the playing spark and player indulges in gaming to enhance their wealth. Today many game developers give you real money instead of virtual money. This engages the attention of gamer, so that player provides more time on that kind of game.

By participating in events

Events are the easiest way to increase your currency of the game. Just you can join any of Merge Dragon events that occur from time to time in the game. You can see on your game screen, tap on it and check your eligibility. On the first level of the stage, some events are free for everyone. This is because developers want to player continuity. By competing for some small task and activities, you get some coins or several opportunities for the next level.

Get currency by sharing the game

Every game needs to promotions, and game players are promoters’ .some of user promotes the game by mouth speaking although these promotions you do not get any of profit. You can earn some gems and coins by promoting and share this game so by getting Merge Dragons Cheats. Today social websites are a very famous platform for sharing the game.

Don’t skip the ad in a game

When you see some videos or play any game, some related games and often play on your screen. You need to look at that ad for earns some coins. Some advertisement companies give their share of any advertisement. Many of game ad link for next level also. After one level is complete may be ad show in the game, and a new link for the further level.

Timely update

Every time updates are pop-ups on Merge Dragon screen and you always trying to skip these. You can update your games, and you will get some rewards. Updates improve the game objects and modes, new levels are also added.