Dragon Titan Uprising is a game which revolves around the world and resources of dragons. Besides that, you can also upgrade and produce their offspring by breeding. There are five grades in which dragons are categorized that are 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars. The dragon is developed and trained with the scales, and it is because of the grade levels.

  • How can grades help the gamer during the game?

Only one-time training is given to the dragon of the star 1. As the grade gets better, more and more dragon can be built by you. For the long run, high grade of the dragons is best whereas the 1, 2 stars are used for the fodder. For the fodder, low-grade dragons are used instead of high grades.  If you get a lot of dragons of 1-star dragons, one can easily level up by the aid of 3, 4, 5-star dragon.  To gain a lot of dragons by the grades, one of the safest methods is to use Dragon Titan Uprising Hack.  Moreover, you can also buy all the essential currencies and items from the above hack.

  • Know about the color codes

Colors have their own value and its importance; they are used according to their use. In the red dragons, you will get the bonus when you damage the dragon or green color. On the other hand, green dragons will get bonus when you damage to the dragons of the blue color. Now you want to know how blue color will get a bonus for that they had to beat the dragons of red color. The same process will move out as the yellow color gets the bonus when they damage the dragons of the purple color. When we look for the dragons which are having purple color get the bonus when they damage the dragons of the yellow color.