Modern Combat is a new first-person multiplayer shooter game for Android and iOS devices. In this game, players compete against each other in two teams which indulge four members. Gamers get to choose one of the twelve skillful agents to play during the each battle.

However, each agent has their own strengths and weakness in the game. Furthermore, there are five different maps that need varying strategies in order to win. You have only one focus in the game that defeat your opponents and win every battle.

Top 2 Useful Tips!

Before play the game, you have to know some basic information to win more and more matches.

How to unlock More Agents?

As i said earlier, there are 12 agents that can be used in battle time but not all of them will be available to you right away. Gamers have needed to unlock other agents in order to use them in the game. The cost of locked agents is bit higher but if you want to unlock all of them so you need to spend either premium or regular currency. One thing you should keep in mind that some agents you can only be unlocked by your regular currency, while others, buy from premium currency.

How to upgrade your Favorite Agent?

Before you upgrade the agent you have to know how to use it. As soon as you level up in Modern Combat then you can easily upgrade your agent which you can includes some best quality. With the help of efficient agent you can easily win every battle in Modern Combat without facing any type of problem.