Are you looking for best tips,trick and Game Of Thrones Conquest Hack for playing Game? If the answer is yes then today we will give you some special tips. Via following these tips, you are able to improve your performance and level. Before the tips, you need to know some necessary information about the game. In all among game, it is an incredible strategy based game. You can easily download it free from game stores. There are lots of exciting and enjoyable missions are available with higher graphics. In all over the world, it is downloading from more than 5,000,000+ people.


Tips and trips-

If you are a new player and want to become a professional, then you need some special tips. These tips can provide you with resources and other elements.

  1. Complete Quests-

There are many kinds of quests are available to obtain many different types of things. These quests are full fill from the small task. Via complete the missions, you will get a certain amount of rewards. In these rewards many power-ups, Booster and other things are present. You can quickly boost your performance from the help of these elements.

  1. Upgrades-

In the game, lots of upgrades are available to improve your production rates. There are lots of things are present for upgrades like buildings, troops and much more. When you upgrade the items, then those skills and performance are automatically increased. So always update the things on a regular basis of improving your performance.

  1. Provide resources to troops-

Here you are able to make own world with army troops. Troops are played a vital role to attack other clan and make own world larger. Via help of attack you can also obtain some rewards. For making troops stronger, they required a certain amount of foods. If you do not give enough amount of food then there performance will automatically decree.

  1. Focus on training-

At the beginning of the game, you can unlock many kinds of troops. These troops are not trained means you can give training to them. If you focus on training, then you will get a good result from them.