Nowadays, people want more entertainment to utilize their spare time. Megapolis is one of the best options for them as it contains lots of features and HD graphics. Users have to perform some major task in the game. The main tasks include the hiring of workers to create buildings, making an investment in buildings and lots of other activities.

Megapolis is the best way to make you feel relax and stress-free. The game is very easy to play as it contains fast gameplay. One must watch the tutorial when the game starts, to understand its controls and modes, etc.

Uses and Types of Currency

The game includes different types of in-game currency which play the crucial role in it. The game totally depends on the currency by trying Megapolis Hack. There are two main currencies in the game which are as follows –

  • Megabucks – It is the primary currency in the game as it can be earned by completing various tasks and challenges. The more and more you have megabucks, the more you play this game easily. Megabucks are used to buying buildings, hire workers and so many other works also. IT is essential for the players to have enough amount of in-game currency.
  • Coins – It is the premium currency in the game as it can be earned by increasing the level up in the game and by playing more and more every day. Coins are also earned by collecting taxes, creating buildings and also by collecting tax revenue. These are also earned by signing major contracts.

As the currency plays an important role in the game, so it is necessary to have enough amount of in-game currency to play without facing any complications.

Use the currency wisely

It is important to play the game decently by making proper use of in-game currency. The gamers should spend their in-game currency more wisely as by spending them only on more useful things. The discussed method is very important, and one must apply the same in their regular playing. It also helps the users to work effectively and efficiently.

Participate in challenges and complete objectives

Megapolis is the game full of different objectives and challenges. The users have to complete daily objectives and challenges in order to earn a good amount of in-game currency. The more and more you enter and complete in challenges the more you earn coins and megabucks.