World of Tanks Blitz – customize your tanks and fight battles in 26 areas of the world

Get ready for the battles against the foes with the help of friends. Here you are completely free to choose out of six tanks to customize and fight the enemies. The successful completion of missions gets you rewards and achievements in the game.

There are many unique and stunning features of the game one of them is World of Tanks Hack to use and get lead in the game. The game is free to play and there are not timers and no worries about fuel. Wherever you want and whenever you want can fuel it.

Camouflage system

The game of World of Tanks Blitz caters the player to the facility of camouflage system which enables the player of the game to hide easily in the areas and fields of the game. You can avail all six types of Rare warpaints to color and hide in the game so that the enemies of the game don’t find you easily. There are vehicles for finishing the missions successfully such as Oasis, Hexagons, Carbon, Frozen Soil, Radiant Energy and Green Mamba.

Missions of the game

You can set on yourself on the different missions of the game. There you not only complete three missions but ten missions of daily basis which are grouped by difficulty. The higher you get your vehicles tier, the higher the mission levels are in the game.

Improvements of the game

There are more improvements in the game of World of Tanks Blitz. First, you can play with new screen to enjoy the picture and scenes of the game. Here you also build garage outside into the fresh air and many buttons enable you to make changes in the game as well as the World of Tanks Hack to play this game well.